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Version 3.0 coming? Woo-hoo!

I see by the first activity on the beta page in months (I check regularly!) that there's a 3.0 coming soon. Can you reveal what's going to be in it?

-- David

on: Tue 01 of Apr, 2014 [04:06 UTC] reads: 170108

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Re: Version 3.0 coming? Woo-hoo!
on: Sun 27 of Apr, 2014 [18:02 UTC]

Downloading beta version.....

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Aw: Version 3.0 coming? Woo-hoo!
on: Fri 04 of Apr, 2014 [07:13 UTC]

no, I can't... we work on it, in particular within the project MC Squared (see for some details), and I can promise that there we work on making Cinderella accessible on tablets like the iPad, but that's all I can say for the moment.


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