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Issues regarding text elements

This mostly concerns the behavior of the "Add Text" ([ABC] button) to add and change text elements.

1) Text which has been docked to any side of the view jumps when edited.
* Use click [ABC] button, click in view, enter "Text" & click [OK].
* Click "Move Element" and drag the "Text" to any side of the view to dock it there (x or y position snaps).
* Click [ABC] button, click on "Text" and click [OK] (changing the "Text" is not required to see the behavior)
* Observe the "Text" jumps and is no longer docked (using the "Translate View" ([<|>] button) and dragging in the display area confirms this).

2) Click "Move Element" and drag the "Text" to the upper-right corner.
* Observe that the "Text" jumps backwards when this is done.

3) Multi-line can be created:
* Click [ABC] button, click in view, and click the [<] button in the dialog and enter (use the [Enter] key to place each successive number on a new line):
* Then click [OK] in the dialog
* Click "Move Element" and drag this multi-line to any side of the view to dock it there.
* Observe that if the text is moved by click-dragging on the lower lines, the position jumps down by the distance to the first line.
* If dragging on the "5", the text snaps when it is far from the bottom edge, and the drag point snaps up one line each time it passes out of view at the bottom until it is being dragged by the "1".

4) When "Add Text" ([ABC] button) is used to edit multi-line text the line breaks are lost.
* The line breaks are also lost after clicking the [<] button, entering multi-line text and then clicking the [v] button.

5) Click "Move Element". When the text is selected by clicking on it, a white outline is drawn around it.
* This outline then persists whenever the text is click-dragged thereafter.
* However if the text is click-dragged (without first clicking on it) the white outline is not drawn around it.
* The white outline should also be drawn around the text when the pointer moves over it.
* Other elements highlight when the pointer moves over them and remain highlighted when click-dragged without first having to be clicked.

6) Ctrl-drag does not include text elements
* Create a couple of text (not docked to the points or view edges) and point elements
* Use Ctrl-A keystroke to select all
* Observe that click-drag on one of the points with Ctrl key held down only simultaneously moves the points.
* The click-drag on one of the texts with Ctrl key held down moves only that particular text.

7) The documentation for the re-positioning of the label of a point, line or segment is a bit sketchy (see "Moving elements").
* Click "Move Element", hold down the shift key and drag the label of a point or line.
* Observe the dim white line that appears while dragging the label (not mentioned in the documentation).
* The label for a point can be positioned at a fixed (x,y) pixel offset from the point (maximum radius of 72 pixels).
* The label for a line or segment can only be moved to either end or side of the line or segment (not mentioned in the documentation).
* For the segment labels the position is a percentage of the distance between the endpoints (not mentioned in the documentation).

Observed using Version: 2.9 build 1783 (2015/08/03 18:17)

Best regards,
Alexander Elkins

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