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documented beta features

I just downloaded and installed the latest beta version of Cinderella 2.1. I hoped to find some reference material on the new features that supposedly are there. But it seems the help pages are exactly the same as in the official release of 2.0. Can I find a kind of review of these new features somewhere on the website? I don't want to search each and every post on the forum to learn the syntax of createpoint() or createline().

on: Thu 21 of Jan, 2010 [14:35 UTC] reads: 116068

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Aw: documented beta features
on: Thu 21 of Jan, 2010 [14:40 UTC]

we do not have a current list of new features and fixes unfortunately. The changelog that is available is incomplete. We hope to be able to list the new features when we officially release Cinderella 2.1.



PS: One nice new feature is the availability of TeX in Texts and labels. Just use $ signs as it is usual in TeX.

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Re: Aw: documented beta features
on: Thu 04 of Feb, 2010 [14:53 UTC]
I noticed, and I appreciate it A LOT! Will Cinderella 2 export (again) to EPS? Exporting to PDF just isn't practical if you want to use the figures in other programs. It would be nice if you could just copy/paste to Word without loosing too much quality. As it is now the lines get awfully jagged after pasting.

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Aw: Re: Aw: documented beta features
on: Thu 04 of Feb, 2010 [15:09 UTC]
I don't think we'll support EPS again, as it is increasingly difficult to maintain this. Actually we thought that using a vector format like PDF would be as good as using EPS.

On the Mac, it is possible to include the PDF in Word without problems, and it is even smoother with other software. You can even copy/paste the PDF from Cinderella to other programs easily.

So I assume you are using Windows? Then it should be possible to convert the PDF to WMF format, for example using the free epstoedit tool.

Anybody else using Windows here and can comment on this?


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