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problem with labels

I am wanting to use Greek letters to label the edges of a square and have used latex code for the label. This works well for the left vertical edge, but not for the right vertical edge. I get the correct label, but not in the correct position. Is there anything I can do to adjust this? Thanks for any help you can give!

attachment secondhomotopy.cdy (5.64 Kb)
on: Wed 10 of Apr, 2013 [18:26 UTC] reads: 148403

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Aw: problem with labels
on: Wed 10 of Apr, 2013 [18:52 UTC]
Hi Dorette,

this looks like a bug with the line labeling code when using LaTeX. As a workaround until we fix it you can use either Text objects or labeled points - see the attached construction.

Hope that helps!


attachment secondhomotopy2.cdy (6.36 Kb)

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