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> I wonder if changing the name to Options might help others get oriented?

I don't know; but we will probably not change it.

> What does make a difference is double buffering.

Oh, yes, that's what I meant, actually.

> Maybe the software should ship with it turned off by default?

Yes, but only on Mac OS X (PPC) — see below.

> Now, this description of what happens seems exactly backwards from the way I would expect it to work. Shouldn't double buffering make the animations smoother? Could it be that double buffering is actually on when the Information panel says it is off, and off when the panel says it is on?

No, the problem is that we are using a rather tricky approach on Mac OS X with Java 1.3.1 where we are painting with a non-standard method (i.e.: it's a hack). As Mac OS X does double-buffering automatically, turning on double-buffering in Java will create triple-buffering, and slow everything down.

I will have a look into the default setting and we will fix this in the next update. Thanks a lot for your feedback!


on: Thu 08 of Jun, 2006 [16:00 UTC] reads: 6909

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